Songs that have had their prices change

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A couple people recently informed me that several songs have had their prices change recently, and this list has not been updating them!  That should be fixed now РI am now updating the prices from the XBox Marketplace nightly.

For those who might be curious, here are the songs that have had their prices change since they went live, listed with the track’s author:

Price changed from 80 to 160

  • Terrorhorse – Packet Flier (RhythmAuthors)
  • Heaven Ablaze – Parhelia (RhythmAuthors)
  • Lead The Dead – Rip’er (RhythmAuthors)
  • Quartered – Africa (RhythmAuthors)
  • Warpath – Life Unworthy of Life (RhythmAuthors)
  • The Word Alive – Battle Royale (RhythmAuthors)
  • Let’s Get It – Do Not Disturb (Tell Me How Bad) (RockGamer)
  • Excruciating Thoughts – In Memory (RhythmAuthors)
  • The Myriad Burial – Death Quota for Purification (RhythmAuthors)

Price changed from 160 to 80

  • Cetan Clawson and the Soul Side – White Heat (RockGamer)
  • Glass Hammer – Sleep On (Mickstafa)
  • Zack Wilson – Another California Song (TheFuture15)
  • Glass Hammer – Hyperbole (Mickstafa)
  • Zack Wilson – Ox (TheFuture15)
  • Surprise Me Mr. Davis – Sissyfuss (TheAuthority)
  • a t o m – You Take It All (Atomtroy)
  • a t o m – You’re Not Alone – Rock Mix (Atomtroy)
  • a t o m – Satellite (Live) (Atomtroy)
  • the Apples in Stereo – Dance Floor (GamerBeatsInc)
  • the Apples in Stereo – Dream About the Future (GamerBeatsInc)
  • the Apples in Stereo – Told You Once (GamerBeatsInc)
  • the Apples in Stereo – Hey Elevator (GamerBeatsInc)
  • the Apples in Stereo – No One In the World (GamerBeatsInc)
  • Buffalo Mad – Mu√©strame un Poco (AGLSolutions)
  • Blackberry River Band – I’ve Got a Feeling (BBRiverBand)

Price changed from 240 to 160

  • Mayday Parade – When I Get Home You’re So Dead (NoisyPuppet)
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  1. 1 Joe Cam said at 11:50 on February 27th, 2011:

    Man, some guys are RAISING prices?
    I call shenanigans on that practice…
    Might check out those a t o m songs though. I have a few and they’re pretty good so a few more for just a buck are tempting…

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