So, uh, what browser do you use?

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I’ve heard reports from a few users (and confirmed with a bit of testing) that the table on the front page does not perform awesomely under Internet Explorer 8 (or older versions, presumably).

Based on my testing, it looks like Internet Explorer 9 handles the table a lot more smoothly than IE8 does.

Here is the breakdown on browsers used to access since it stopped being error420:

Thankfully, most visitors are using browsers that are awesome at Javascript, so it’s not a world-ending issue.  However, there are still plenty that are using IE.

Since Google Analytics apparently stopped letting me see the browser breakdown by version (WHYYYYYYY), I don’t actually know which versions of IE most people are using.  I’m guessing that once IE9 goes general release (it’s in release candidate now), things will get better for those poor souls.

In the meantime, I’d appreciate more input on how the site behaves on your PC, with your browser (especially from you IE users).  Is it snappy enough?  Are slowness issues common anywhere?

I switched to the new table because most browsers do a lot better showing only part of a 1000+ row table (with formatting) at a time, and the DataTables jQuery plugin does that really snazzily.  The searching/filtering even works quickly under Safari on my iPad.

Sound off if you care – I really want the song list to load as quickly and easily as possible for everyone.


3 Comments on “So, uh, what browser do you use?”

  1. 1 Piggy said at 08:51 on March 15th, 2011:

    I’ve been on Chrome and Firefox 4 here and both run smoothly.

    Chrome even remembers my place when I’m scrolling through pages of songs.

  2. 2 Studley said at 13:49 on March 21st, 2011:

    In Analytics, you’re one screen away from the browser version breakdown ;)

    Click on “Internet Explorer” and the infographic will update to show you visitors by IE version (well, it does for my sites, anyway)

  3. 3 Josh said at 13:58 on March 21st, 2011:

    It’s true, but Analytics used to give a view that showed the browser breakdown comparing all browser (major) versions at once, which was really nifty. I don’t know where that went.

    In any case, of IE visitors so far, 80% are using IE8, 17% are using IE7, 2.5% are using IE9, and .5% are using IE6(!).

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